A Short History of the Cymar Croup of Companies

“From a simple family business . . .”

It was year 1971 when the family, spearheaded by the brothers Syril S. Ko, Marciano Kho, Pablo Co and Felix Co started a simple business at their modest home with a capitalization of Php 6,000.00. Initially, the business had purely revolved around the manufacture of Galenical products; thus CIRIMAR LABORATORIES, INC. was established on June 10, 1971.

Three years after, the business was moved to a larger lot area in Pasay City to accommodate the expanding business as the company started branching-off into pharmaceutical products by manufacturing Sulfaguanadine tablets.

In 1981, the company had constructed its first manufacturing building located at Bagumbayan, Taguig; wherein the lot area was in excess of 5,000 square meters. It was at this site that pharmaceutical lines were extended with other products such as 325mg Aspirin Tablets, Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets 500mg, Ascorbic Acid Tablets 500mg, and 500mg Paracetamol Tablets; all of which were catered for government bidding.

To answer to the growing family business and the family’s success in the market encouraged them to diversify into the highly competitive and fast growing Babycare and Household Care industries, as a result CYMAR INTERNATIONAL, INC. was founded on August 18, 1982.

With the business rapidly expanding, the decision was made to establish its own Marketing and Distribution arm; thus COMARK INTERNATIONAL CORP. was founded on February 18, 1992. With such a variety of products geared towards serving the consumer market, CIC operated a nationwide sales force that taps into primary retail channels such as Supermarkets, Department Stores, Wholesalers and Convenience Store. A network of sub-distributors who also extend nationally serves the secondary and tertiary markets such as Groceries, Market Stalls, Drugstores and Sari-Sari Stores.

In support of the sales effort, CIC operates several warehouse positioned in strategic locations in the whole country.

A year after CIC was established, Gonzalo International, Inc. was also set-up on May 8, 1993 to manufacture the “Feeding Nipple” product requirements of the business.

“…to a leader and major player in the industry”

CYMAR INTERNATIONAL, INC. leads THE CYMAR GROUP OF COMPANIES, a holding company that represents the synergistic union of all related businesses. Today it is one of the country’s leading and major players in the Babycare, Household, Cosmetics, Allied Pharma and Galenical Industries.

Through fifty (50) fruitful and blessed years, THE CYMAR GROUP OF COMPANIES has become one the premier builder of brands in the country and providing a meaningful contribution in building of the Filipino nation.


To provide the right priced products to serve our customer’s needs, wants and expectations, all while being superior to our competition. To provide a common direction for all employees and guidelines for their day-to-day, and fulfill Comark’s objectives by enriching the corporate culture and institutionalizing quality systems and processes.


To become excellent at what we do, and meet all the challenges of becoming the leading manufacturer and distributor of baby care, consumer, household products.

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With over four decades of being with every Filipino household, Comark International Corporation is
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