Farlin Baby Wipes are hypoallergenic and dermatologically-tested wipes made of silky, thick and moist cloth gently formulated for baby’s use. It contains Aloe Vera extract that moisturizes skin and helps protect baby against diaper rash. Most of all, it is alcohol –free preventing dryness yet mildly scented to keep your little one fresh and absolutely […]



Zim Liquid All Purpose Cleaner is an all-in-one solution for a spotless, germ-free and odor-free home. Its special liquid and sudsing formulation makes cleaning fast and easy. Use Zim Liquid All Purpose Cleaner to disinfect, deodorize and remove tough stains, grease and grime on floors, countertops, kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and other hard surfaces.


I love ZIM cleaning products! Ever since I lived on my own, cleaning has become such a struggle, but thanks to these cleansers, it became as easy as a little pour and scrub.

- Nanette Dela Cruz

I have used Farlin and Babyjoy products on my first child. With my second baby underway, I already asked my husband to buy an entire feeding set for my baby.

- Angelica Montoya

My salon has always used My Nails products.
It made me, my customers and my manicurists happy.

- Lorna Cayabyab

We've been using farlin bottles since a year.
What i love with the products is the unique and the durabilty. Affordable yet quality. Hindi din mahirap hanapin dahil halos lahat ng supermarket available ang farlin products. Me and my baby love farlin ❤️❤️❤️
Highly Recommended✅
Hope to win for his baby brother.

Farlin Philippines

- Gicel Cailao

My daughter Amarah has been using Farlin Bottle for over a year now. She is a Certified Farlin Baby because feeding time (Milk time) is fun time for her. Not only it's time for her yummy drink but also fascinated about Farlin decorated bottles! She loves the Farlin Decorated Feeding Bottle because of it's adorable animal prints she always wants to see. It enhances her cognitive ability in identifying animals everytime I give her the bottle! ❤️
As a first time mother, I find it hard to look for the best brand suited for Amarah. Good thing is, I have known Farlin through recommendations from my friends and family. What I love about Farlin products is it's affordable, durable, easy to clean and quality plus it's availability in every supermarket. Farlin helps so many Moms like me in nurturing their babies through their products. Most of all, it is most trusted by Moms. We thank you Farlin for your care and nurturing for our babies through the years! ❤️🥰

- Janel Fernandez

Certified user of Farlin bottle here, hindi lang po sa aking anak pati na din sa akin pamangkin. We are using Anticolic bottle and BSC bottle, walang nipple confused ang mga babies namin, sobra kasing soft ng nipple ng Farlin bottle 🥰🙏
Farlin Philippines 🥰🥰🥰

- Cah-cah Corpuz - Francisco

Farlin is my trusted brand when it comes to baby bottles. Affordable and super good quality niya. May mga nagsasabi sakin bat kailangan mo mag bote eh breastfeeding ka naman? Ang hindi nila alam baby bottles saves me a lot lalo pag kailangan ko umalis at iwan si baby pag mag gogrocery or may aasikasuhin. Sa bottles ko nilalagay ang na pump ko na milk para may mapag iwanan ako kung sakali na matagalan ako may mapapadede kay baby pero more on tubig talaga nakalagay sa bottles niya lalo nung nag start na siya uminom ng tubig. Gustong gusto ko at ni baby yung nipples since malambot siya plus may mga cute designs din kaya very catchy sa mata ni baby 😍 Trusted and recommended ko talaga ang Farlin 💖
Farlin Philippines

- Joy Em Saysay Galias

As a mom I always secure my baby to be comfortable when they want to milk.
Thats why, “I love and like FARLIN BRAND because these are Good quality, tried and tested over the world like me.
#CertifiedFarlinBaby #AlagangMommyAlagangFarlin

- Aiko Dumaguin Jorge

These cuties were certified Farlin babies! Our very reliable and sturdy Farlin Sterilizer from my eldest to the youngest. Ten years of service! That's the quality you can get from Farlin! Thank you Farlin Philippines! Time to have a new one! 😉

- Lyncel M. Meneses

We are Certified Farlin products user because we always choose this as our trusted brand for our kids since from our first newborn and until now. What I like most of Farlin bottle is the prints,designs, and the numbers doesn't easily fade out. The bottle itself is hard and durable so you can use it for many months.As far as I know farlin bottles doesn't contain harmful chemicals which may affect our babies health and growth.I really love also the Farlin nipple because it is soft.There was a time I'd decided to switch for another brand which offers the lowest price.But, then I realized being practical parents is not choosing products having the lower price but compromising it's quality.It is very important to choose the best for our baby so we are certain for their health and safety, and I am sure that Farlin is the best for my babies.Farlin products became part of my journey as a mom and it will always be ❤️.I will always choose Farlin, whatever it takes☺️.Thank you FARLIN for making my babies and kids bottle feeding comfortable and easier.

- Yam Alteza Lianza

A Certified Farlin Mom user here 😊 ! Over the years, from my eldest to youngest, we've been choosing Farlin as our trusted and # 1 brand. My son really loves farlin bottles because of it's cheerful and colorful designs. Farlin is bpa free product, no to worries because it is safe for babies. The nipples as well are soft and gentle. I will always choose Farlin because I believe that- ang Alagang Mommy ay Alagang Farlin.❤️

- Mabeth Aquino

My baby is a Certified Farlin Baby because it is our trusted brand since day one.My daughter really loves Farlin bottle because of its colorful designs and the nipples are soft. It is bpa free that's why it is very safe for my baby. I will always choose Farlin because I believe that ang Alagang Mommy ay Alagang Farlin.❤️

- Reijin Rayven Zoe Pedis

I breastfed Cayden , but when I found out that he will be a big brother I let him try formula milk as preparation for his sibling. Grateful with Farlin bottle and Milk Powder Container because it helps me make milk easy and quick for him.Also it is good when travelling ! very handy and convenient 😍

- Cayden Dann

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